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Company Profile Page
User Profile Pages
Customer Acquisition Articles & Tips
Insta Email Support
Training & Support Videos
Insta Phone Support
Dedicated Account Manager
Training & Support Sessions
Business Process Optimization
Custom Sales Technology Solutions
Floating Buttons
Click To Call Button
Optin Popup Boxes
Exit Intent Popups
Inline Embedded Forms
Contact Form Replacement
Floating Side Tabs
Website Sticky Bars
Webpage Slide In Forms
Full Screen Popups
Multi-Step Qualification Forms
Mobile & Browser Insta Call
Inbound Live Call
Request A Call Back
Scheduled Callback
Lead Follow Up Automation
Free International Calls
Included Callbacks - 50/month 200/month 700/month
Extra Callbacks - $1/call $0.75/call $0.50/call
Business Hours Availability
Out of Office & Vacation Modes
Web Message to Email
Web Message to SMS Text
Instant Messeger Apps
Schedule Meetings & Appointments
Visual Button Builder
Customized Callout Text
Click To Call Button with Logo
Button Animations
Visual Popup & Form Builder
Custom Call to Action Buttons
Customized Messages
Pre-built Design Templates
Multi-Step Lead Form Builder
Editable CSS Styling
Customized IVR & Greetings
Remove InstaContact Branding
Whitelabel Insta Solutions
Call Routing & Forwarding
TCPA Opt In Compliance
Lead Phone Number Verification
Lead Email Address Validation
Email Notification Alerts
SMS Notification Alerts
Agent Availability Scheduling
Multi-Agent Call Routing
Automated Responses
Agent Skills Based Routing
Lead Qualification
Lead Optin Form Filtering
Lead Optin Fingerprinting
Visitor Click Tracking
Phone Call Tracking
Source Tracking
Visitor Session Tracking
Website Conversion Tracking
A/B Split Testing
Live Call Recording
Voice to Data Transcription
Speech & Voice Analytics
Integration with Landing Pages
WordPress Plugin
Integration with Google Analytics
Shopify App
WIX Plugin App
Weebly App
InfusionSoft Integration
Integration with CRMs via Zapier
Integration with Call Centers
Salesforce Integration
Hubspot Integration
Invoca Integration
Marketo Integration
Website Design & Development Contact Us to discuss your needs
Digital Marketing Agency
Strategic Management Advisory

Common Questions

Who should use InstaContact?

InstaContact is the best customer acquisition web plugin for your business, addressing needs of professionals, small teams and larger enterprises alike. Any business looking to improve website conversion, lead generation, real-time contact, customer sales, and save operational costs should try using InstaContact. Since the app is so easy to install without coding any business can implement within minutes and start to see impact the same day!

What's required to use InstaContact?

All you need to use InstaContact is a business website. InstaContact is able to be added to nearly every website platform on the internet, including WordPress, Shopify, Weebly, SquareSpace, WIX, GoDaddy, Google, other web builders, and even any custom HTML website. Either add our plugin within the platform or drop the InstaContact JavaScript into your website and you’re up and running.

Do I need to have coding skills to use InstaContact?

Absolutely not. You can create and customize beautiful engagement popups, buttons and calls to action without any coding knowledge. You can also add triggers, timers, custom call routing, user schedules, exit intent technology, click to call, callback, scheduled meetings and appointments, and many other features to your plugin within our intuitive app. Overall, InstaContact was made to be extremely user friendly for any business. Additionally we can help customize your designs or install the plugin to suit your customer acquisition needs.

What are Insta Call Backs or Scheduled Callbacks?

Callbacks or Call backs refers to our call technology to connect a live call between a visitor to your website and your business (active user agents). An Insta Callback is initiated when a visitor enters their phone number into the optin form on the InstaContact widget and requests a call back (becoming a lead) and our system immediately makes contact with both the lead and your designated inbound sales agents. The lead may also request a Scheduled Callback, whereby they provide their phone number and a date and time to call them back. Our system will do all the work for you and automatically prompt you to initiate the call back at their requested time.

How do Automated Follow Up Cadences work?

Automated Follow Up Cadences are similar to Marketing Automation Email Sequences, or contact cadences, but for multi-channel communication via InstaContact. Busy with your business? No problem! InstaContact will automatically schedule alerts and reminders, initiate contact with leads and missed calls, and qualify your customer prospects according to our insta contact optimization cadence. The cadence can be modified to fit your business with custom branded messages, timing and frequency.

What's a user?

A user represents a single login to the InstaContact system, which can receive live calls, meetings, emails or messages and/or can be an administrator of the system. Most small companies typically have a handful of users, whereas larger businesses can have dozens to over a hundred users. We also have enterprise plans that enable personal profiles and InstaContact functionality for users yet the administration can be managed centrally by corporate.

What constitutes a website?

A website is a single domain such as or that can be registered in your InstaContact account to run campaigns on that website domain. If you have more than 1 website, our premium plans allow addition of up to unlimited domains and unlimited campaigns in a single account.

When is a lead or call billable?

A call must connected for over 10 seconds to be considered billable. This requirement is intended to eliminate any concern with having invalid calls, wrong numbers and immediate hang ups be counted as billable. Similarly leads are counted as billable when the information (name, phone, email, and/or messenger contact) is collected via InstaContact and either forwarded to user(s), delivered to user(s), and/or available to view in the InstaContact app per account preferences.

What is a channel?

InstaContact’s lead generation and customer acquisition tools get visitors to take action and connect with your business. How those visitors are connected to you/your company to communicate are called channels. Channels available in InstaContact include inbound phone calls, instant callbacks, scheduled callbacks & meetings, emails and group emails, SMS (text) messages, and even instant messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and WeChat. Note, InstaContact system and channels can also integrate with your existing CRM or enterprise communication platforms to consolidate workflows and further optimize your business. We designed InstaContact to save your business software costs and enable rapid setup.