Best Insta Plugin Features
Click To Call Button

Don’t lose mobile website customers! Insta’s customizable Click To Call Button improves sales conversion on any WordPress, Shopify or HTML website.

Callback Request Plugin

Visitors enter their phone number to request a call back, or pick a time for their callback request. Insta manages reminders & initiates contact for you!

Popup Optin Forms

Generate more qualified leads & reduce landing page exit intent with our engaging popup contact forms plugin. Works with callbacks & scheduling too!

Schedule Appointments

When you’re busy or out of office hours, your customers can easily schedule meetings without the back-and-forth emails or dreaded voicemails.

Lead Generation Tools & Widgets

All the tools you need to engage & convert your website visitors into live calls, callbacks, optin leads & meetings.

Click To Call Button

Add the best click to call button to convert your mobile website visitors to inbound phone calls.

Optin Pop Up Forms

Fully customizable and engaging optin popup lightboxes drive web visitors to take action!

Exit Intent Popup

Convert abandoning visitors into leads before they leave with our exit intent popup technology.

Floating Button & Tab

Using our floating action buttons and side tabs are a sure way to ensure visitors can contact you.

Virtual Live Chat Pop Up

Pop a virtual live chat agent box to engage users and convert them into inbound live leads.

Contact Form Plugin

Replace outdated contact form 7 & other plugins. Engage and convert customers in real-time!

Customer Acquisition Channels

Insta Connect to your website visitors with your current phone, email, SMS chat and instant messenger tools.

Mobile Click To Call

Visitors click on the web button to insta contact you through their mobile phone or browser-enabled telephone. Quick & easy install!

Request A Call Back

Prompts visitors to provide their phone number and instantly connects you and the live lead by phone. Full call tracking & alerts.

Scheduled Callback

When you’re out of office or busy, the visitor is prompted to pick a call back time. You are alerted & insta connected at that time!

Meetings Scheduling

Allows web visitors to schedule meetings, appointments and demos with you at designated times, without the back-and-forth!

Web Message to SMS

Enables text messaging from your website and automatically moves the conversation to mobile to convert customers offline.

Instant Messenger Apps

Chat with website visitors via popular messaging apps. Keep the conversation going even when visitors leave your website.

Web Message to Email

Dynamic opt in forms engage visitors to send you or your team an email message when they don’t want to talk by phone.

Push to CRM & Alerts

Insta contact can push any lead or call data into your CRM in real-time so you don’t have to change your response workflows.

Customized HTML Design & Branding

Attract customers & generate more leads by creating visually stunning web pop ups, buttons and opt in forms.

Visual Form Builders

Create stunning buttons, pop ups, optin forms, & callouts using our user friendly design editor.

Animations & Styling

Grab attention and convert more customers by choosing from our library of animations and styles.

Company Logo Branding

Create a strong brand presence by adding your logo and company colors into any design.

Pre-Built Templates

Save a ton of time creating your custom designs with our wide variety of campaign templates.

Customized Messaging

Further improve conversion by tailoring headlines and call to actions to your audience.

Whitelabel Widgets

Enterprise users can re-brand InstaContact as their own software removing our logo.

Real-Time Lead Qualification & Routing

Get more qualified leads & inbound calls connected in real-time to the most skilled agent or group.

Lead Form Validation

Insta verification of phone number & email optin data ensures you don’t waste time on spam leads.

U.S. TCPA Compliance

Compliant TCPA opt in forms and lead fingerprinting empowers your business to stay protected.

Agent Availability

Connect inbound leads only to available agents. After hours, prompt visitors to schedule a meeting at your preferred times.

Multi-Agent Call Routing

Make sure you never miss an inbound call by ringing multiple team members simultaneously or in succession.

Skills Based Routing

Send your best leads to the right inbound agents at the right time. Match agent skills to boost sales conversion!

Email & SMS Alerts

Enable pre-call and post-event email and SMS alerts for your team members to ensure customers are contacted.

Sales Funnel Optimization & Conversion Reports

Accelerate your sales cycle & optimize conversion rates with lead & call tracking, insights & voice intelligence.

Drive More Revenue

Boost sales from data-driven insights into your sales funnel. With InstaContact conversion reporting you can identify opportunities to improve each step of your customer’s journey. Optimize website conversions, get more qualified leads and close more deals.

Reduce Costs

Insta helps you understand your visitor behaviors, engagement with call to actions and conversion success rates. With visibility into where your sales are coming from, you can make the changes needed to reduce ineffective marketing spend. Stop paying for traffic that doesn’t convert!

Shrink Sales Cycle

Cut your response time from days to seconds with InstaContact. Forget the old ways of having your contact form send you an email that gets lost or ignored. By creating instant connections between website visitors and your team members, you save your business time and lots of back-and-forth. Easiest way to grow sales is to respond immediately!

Improve Sales Performance

InstaContact can also convert voice calls to data and help you analyze your customer conversations, buyer intent, and agent sales script adherence. With this level of diagnosis every enterprise can improve operations quickly. Talk to us to learn more about our sales intelligence capabilities.

InstaContact Apps & Integrations

We integrate with the tools you already use to easily improve your marketing & sales productivity.

We Fit Into Your Workflow

We don’t want to replace your current marketing, sales or communication tools - we just want to help boost your sales & customer acquisition. Our InstaContact solution seamlessly enhances your existing business process without risk of disruption!

Super Easy To Implement

InstaContact can be up and running for your business in in a matter of minutes. Our cloud based platform gives you all the powerful features instantly. You still use your current email addresses, phone numbers, and social platforms to handle the sales conversations - with the power of InstaContact to accelerate, route, remind and recover sales.

Our App for Any Website

We’ve build InstaContact to work on all of your favorite website platforms, including WordPress, Shopify, Wix, Weebly, SquareSpace, GoDaddy and many more. The great news is that our technology team can help you solve any problem big or small.

InstaContact CRM Integrations

Already on a CRM or other IT platform? No problem! We’ve integrated with dozens of platforms and understand how to get the best out of SalesForce, Marketo, HubSpot, InfustionSoft, Zoho, and many more.