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Companies today need to focus on customer satisfaction to succeed, and consumers today increasingly want an immediate response regardless of what channel they use to contact the businesses. Your competitors are evermore investing in online customer acquisition and communication technology to meet these needs. At the same time, global and local competition puts pressure on operating margin and free cash flow. How are great companies surviving and thriving?

Today’s best companies use the following lead generation and customer acquisition tools:

  1. Strong Online Presence. More than just a website. The best have an engaging website that is relevant, mobile optimized, connected to their social media profiles, and have clear call-to-actions.
  2. Optimized Conversion Rates. This includes both website conversion and how sales convert from visitor to leads to customer.
  3. Fast Response Times. Endless studies show that one way to boost your conversion rates is to respond to a lead or customer as quickly as possible. Ideally, the interaciton is an immediate, real-time conneciton where the consumer is satisfied in the first conversation.

The good news is any company looking to level-up their customer acquisition can benefit immediately from InstaContact’s solution. InstaContact helps drive more hot inbound calls and real-time leads, schedule appointments, and facilitate instant connections to website visitors by phone, SMS, email and instant messaging.

Your existing company website and landing pages will be optimized with our plugin (no coding required!) and InstaContact will power up your existing communication tools to accelerate your response times down to seconds. With InstaContact, you’ll get (1) Stronger online presence (2) Optimized conversion rates and (3) Much faster response times - all without the high cost. Start growing your revenues and saving costs today.