Our Logo

The InstaContact logo can be used in color, white, or gray. Please don't alter the InstaContact brand logo in any way.

Full Logo

Our logo includes both our mark and name. When displayed on white, it is shown in two-tone, otherwise it can be made a single color.

Logo Mark

The logo should maintain a 4:3 aspect ratio and can be fitted to a square by adding padding to the height.

Powered by InstaContact

Use our Powered By mark to show that your business is supported by InstaContact

Powered by Badge

Use our Powered By badge to show that your business is supported by InstaContact

Our Colors

Our primary color palette is composed of a bold blue, a dark gray, and white. We use a light gray and various shades of blue as secondary colors.

InstaContact Blue
rgb(6, 101, 208)

InstaContact Gray
rgb(52, 58, 64)

rgb(255, 255, 255)

Light Gray
rgb(240, 240, 240)


We try to keep our fonts clean, well-spaced, and easy to read.


Titles & Headings





Describing InstaContact

If you are featuring InstaContact, use consistent language.

Short Description

InstaContact advances how businesses acquire and connect with customers


The internet and mobile devices have drastically changed the way people interact. In this new era of fast, frequent, multi-channel communications, businesses must evolve quickly to satisfy customers and beat out the competition.

InstaContact builds technology to accelerate customer acquisition and enable real-time connections for businesses to grow sales and save money.

Businesses use InstaContact to better engage potential customers, generate more qualified leads, and instantly connect with inbound customers using their channels of choice. Any company can improve in minutes, without disruption, using InstaContact’s pre-built engagement, targeting, acquisition and lead routing tools, and integrations with their phone, email, SMS, chat, messaging, CRM and other IT platforms.