Welcome to the beta for:

InstaContact’s Customer Acquisition Plugin for Business Websites

The product: InstaContact converts your website visitors into inbound calls, call backs, opt in leads, scheduled appointments & meetings. The app leverages your current phone, email, SMS & messenger apps to boost sales with ease! Plugin on any HTML website.

Your incentive: Beta testers will receive account credit when creating a new account with the promo code provided by Betabound. Additionally, any beta tester that submits real feedback to us at the email below will get an additional promo code emailed back to them!

How to test: Click on the "join beta" button and setup your beta account. Setup your first widget and install on any website. You can setup additional campaigns, customize design, and invite additional user agents to your account.

Providing feedback: Send us your honest feedback on our product to [email protected]. The more detailed the better! Thank you for helping us make an incredible product (...as thanks we'll send you the special promo code!)

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