About InstaContact

About Us

Over the past decade we have seen many businesses struggle to cost-effectively acquire customers through various marketing channels. We had built a customer acquisition business on our own technology platform, growing from a bootstrapped startup with $40k of self-funding to acquisition 5 years and 3 months later at a ROI of over 170,000% (admittedly, far above our business plan!). The secret to our success was our customer acquisition technology, which we architected and built in-house from ground up. With our technology-enabled process (and amazing employees!) we were able to profitably supply qualified customers to hundreds of companies, at a LOWER customer acquisition cost (CAC) than they could achieve on their own. Our clients were able to grow sales and scale profitably. That was then.

So we started another business and began looking for off-the-shelf tools to boost conversion and our own online customer acquisition. And we found lots of marketing technology and web tools that had some utility - such as email optin plugins, live chats, chat bots, website & form builders, inside sales software and many web optimization and call tracking tools. But, all seemed to have shortcomings to truly drive effective customer acquisition for businesses as their CUSTOMERS want to EXPERIENCE it. We looked long and hard but couldn’t find a powerful, consumer sales-focused, easy to implement and low cost B2B technology solution that could rapidly drive higher B2C conversions and grow sales from existing web & mobile traffic. We did find agencies and solution partners that could probably help our new business and other companies, however, they were massively overpriced, planned to stitch together several costly systems, and required a ton of overhead project management. Where was the plug-and-play, cost-effective, but enterprise-quality customer acquisition solution? Well…we almost gave up.

We decided to take our learnings and BUILD the solution → InstaContact → and provide businesses of any size access to enterprise-level customer acquisition technology. Like many other solution providers in our category, we are motivated by the desire to help our customers (you) grow your revenues and succeed as a business! In addition, we are hyper-focused on your PROFITABILITY, so we designed InstaContact to improve conversions AND simplify your sales process, use your existing communication tools and enable you to sell and satisfy on the first customer engagement (not the 5th email). Our formula to grow a profitable and sustainable business is simple: satisfy your customers quickly, grow revenues methodically, reduce costs deliberately. We’re here to help you on that journey with InstaContact’s customer acquisition technology...and we have been known to roll up our sleeves and go above and beyond if asked. We enjoy tackling business problems and with industry leading technology solutions!

We’re on a mission to help you grow your business profitably, save you time, and avoid you wasting advertising, marketing, sales and technology spend (by compressing the sales funnel)! Please let us know at anytime what we can do better to improve your business. We’ll take InstaAction ;-)

Our Values


Results in your business performance and in ours, and in giving our employees opportunities to have positive impact.


Sustainability in the viability of your business and in ours, and in more efficient use of real and virtual resources.


Satisfaction in your customers' experience, in our business partnership, and in our employees’ personal growth.